Google Groups Beta

Google Groups is an attempt to make accessible the many conversations that go on in the dark alleys of the intranet. While dark alleys may be a bit over dramatic, it’s not too far from the truth, considering that Usenet is older than the WWW itself.

Under normal circumstances an individual would need to pay for access to usenet, to take part in these conversations. These conversations are not well organized like forums, but read more like public email reply’s. For new users it can most definately be a daunting task to find what your looking for, enter Google Groups.

Google Groups contains the world’s most comprehensive archive of postings to Usenet, dating back to 1981. Google Groups eliminates the need for newsreading software and lets you search this archive in the same way you would search HTML pages on the Internet. You can also use Google Groups to post your own comments to an existing Usenet newsgroup.

Google Groups introduces a web interface to usenet, creating an easier experience for the usenet novice. Typically, an email program such as Thunderbird or NewsReaders such as Newsleecher were required to access this plethora of information and a subscription to a newserver. Thanks to Google, things are becoming free, but has yet to incorporate the ability to download NZB’s. 😉

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