Shawn Hogan vs MPAA

Today I found out that the owner of a forum I frequent is involved in a MPAA lawsuit. Shawn Hogan, owner of the Digital Point webmaster forums, is currently going through litigation with the MPAA.

What’s unique is that DP is extremely popular, receiving hundreds of thousands of hits per day, which makes Shawn a wealthy individual. Therefore Shawn is fighting the bully’s in hopes that it goes to trial and he’s already refused 2 counts of settlement. In addition, Shawn has been offered support from a number of lawyers and investors looking to further his cause and refusal to settle on principle.

The MPAA has finally picked on the wrong individual, someone that already has a captivated audience and the financial means to fight. I’d suggest anyone to follow what Shawn Hogan has to say in the case on his blog. Check out all of his MPAA related posts here. View the hundreds of comments to see how much support he’s receiving…simply amazing.

One thought on “Shawn Hogan vs MPAA”

  1. Right thing happened to Shawn epecially.
    he doesn’t care the people who are making him money.
    He wont reply back to who ever private messages him.
    This is the right thing that has happened to him.
    he should go to jail, then he will understand what is what.
    I hate those dp rules.
    Does Shawn and those useless moderators think that they are god.
    No crazy people you are not,
    Dp is going to be dumped into shit.

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