Ubuntu or not to Ubuntu, Pt 2

This post is in regards to me installing the Linux distro Ubuntu on my primary PC, as referenced first here. Thankfully I have not thrown my monitor out the window yet, however I have not completed the installation. As recommended, I am trying the Live CD before going for a full install.

The Ubuntu Live CD(64bit Version) runs fantastic except for one major flaw, which prohibits me from going full installation. It will not recognize my wireless card! Let me correct myself, it sees it, but it won’t use it. According to the forums and onboard help I must hold my tounge a certain way, walk backwards across broken beer bottles, and click the forward mouse button to get the wireless card to work.

Ubuntu is getting 1 more week worth of evaluation. If by the end of this week I cannot get the wireless card recognized, it will be no more Linux…ever.

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