Ubuntu or Not to Ubuntu

That would be the question, if I hadn’t already begun the format of my other PC. That’s right, we are past the point of no return…again. It would seem I can’t learn my lesson when it comes to installing linux distrobutions.

Every geek I talk to seems to recommend a specific distro that I will be happy using. The problem is that I’m a happy life long windows user, even old school v3.1. What makes things even more difficult is that I’ve never had any serious problems with windows, only ones that people have to point out to me…ie lack of support. By lack of support I mean Microsoft won’t update my pirated version of Windows XP Professional(Yes I’ve already done the workarounds…this is only an example. 😉 ).

I’m a tweaker, which means I enjoy messing around with old programs, settings on my computer, and most times causing irepairable damage. Well, my hard drive was getting full…of crap…so today I started reformating and currently I’m installing a fres new distro of Ubuntu. We’ll see if this distro lives up to it’s name, or burns in hell with the rest of the linux crap I’ve tried running.

Keep in mind, my idea of crap, is something that’s different to what I’m used to. 🙂 I won’t lie, but hell, at least I’m giving it another shot.

After doing some more research into Ubuntu I’ve found some interesting reads that others might find entertaining, or at the very least informational when deciding which linux distro to go with.

I have not personally tried the home hosting that Ubuntu server offers, but it seems like a neat concept. I suppose it really depends on how much traffic your site receives along with the amount of processing power required. Nevertheless, would work really well with small sites.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu or Not to Ubuntu”

  1. It’s installed and configured and really it’s the best “First Impression” distro that I’ve installed. We’ll see how long it lasts before I install it on my main PC.

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