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Everytime someone brings up monetizing anything on the net, the first thing out of their mouth is Adsense. However, depending on your demographics of your reader base and the niche that your site covers, it may not be the best route. Many keywords on Adsense are extremely low payout, meaning the dreaded penny clicks, however on other networks your sites traffic may be in high demand, meaning higher payouts.

The latest alternative to Adsense that I’ve found is Adbrite. Although you cannot use their publisher program alongside Adsense directly, they do offer mediums other than contextual advertising. Interstitials are a sort of redirect that visitors will see when visiting your site. These are not popups, nor popunders, rather they are displayed to your visitors once per day.

The Interstitials are used as a sort of “sponsored by” approach. The webpage displayed has a header bar that allows the visitor to easiliy click by and visit your page. I’ve found it works wonderfully and can be used alongside google adsense, since it is not contextual. Even on some of my low traffic sites it earns me a few extra dollars per day off of a few hundred visitors.

2 thoughts on “Monetizing A Blog”

  1. Interesting, I’m not a member of their forum, but I was basing my statements off of Adbrite’s homepage:

    We can do CPC keyword targeting, too, like those other guys. Tell us your keywords and we’ll do the rest:

    To me, this says contextual advertising, perhaps not automatic enough to compete with Adsense however. I need to look into this further, thanks for links. 🙂

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