RIAA Needs more Evidence

It’s been talked about underneath the breath of many p2p users, so much in fact that most have convinced themselves this is an easy out. However, no one to date has had the money to fight a case against the RIAA’s blanket lawsuits.

For the latest defendant against the RIAA, Paul Wilkes, the concept is simple because the RIAA does not have evidence to launch a case. Paul is arguing that an IP address is not enough to link an individual to copyright infringement. Past cases have succeeded based on bullying an individual into paying a concession, rather than going to court. Paul is standing firm saying there is no case…at all.

He has filed for summary judgement in the case, which means that he believes that there is not enough evidence being presented by the RIAA for the case to even go to court formally. The court is now having to consider whether it should actually require the RIAA to have evidence beyond an IP address.

According to Bi-Tech.net this could set a prescedent in the court systems and could have major negative ramifications for the recording industry. Hopefully, we’ll see a decrease in the RIAA’s relentless pursuit of pushing people around. Happy sharing!

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