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Its interesting to know that at one point there was a relationship between BitComet, the C++ client and Not to long ago P2Pforums hosted all the help and suggestion boards for BitComet, apparently some things have changed.

Whiel visiting to see what the latest release and updates are I noticed a link to their forums. Now their support, suggestions and Lite forums are located on BitComet servers. Perhaps steamlining their support and development is the best way to go, especially considering all the issues they have had with previous releases. If they expect private communities to support their client, then listening to the users AND implementing their suggestions is required.

In addition, they have a link to a subdomain for, but the page never loads.

Active Server Pages ´íÎó ‘ASP 0113’



³¬¹ýÁ˽ű¾ÔËÐеÄ×ʱ¼ä¡£¿ÉÒÔΪ Server.ScriptTimeOut ÊôÐÔÖ¸¶¨ÐÂÖµ»ò¸ü¸Ä IIS ¹ÜÀí¹¤¾ßÖеÄÏàÓ¦ÖµÀ´¸ü¸Ä´ËÏÞÖÆ¡£

Seems like somewhat of a risky move to implement a toplist into the Client site. I would hate to see Bitcomet shut down for pirating reasons and support of copyright infringement. However, no decision can be made since the site never loaded. Happy sharing until next time.

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  1. I get the new version of Bitcomet and i like that the files are split into several sections which are downloaded at the same time to increase the download speed up to 500% or more.

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