Weblogs, Inc.

A little over a year ago, I would have laughed if you suggest I start or operate a blog…on any subject. However, lately I’ve seen the power, traffic, and attention a quality run, topical blog can receive. I’m not referring to my boring and undesirable personal blog, rather a blog covering a niche topic like Buy-Wii.net.

Being a good web-marketer, I did my research on the competition on there and what it would take to get more coverage. Upon my surfy travels I noticed a long list of blogs in the side bar of AdJab. All of the blogs listed in the Weblog network are owned by a handful of individuals and the content is all outsourced. A quick visit to WeBlogsInc.com will explain the entire methodology behind the successful franchises.

I know I’m not the best writer, nor the most creative, but I do enjoy wasting away time in front of the PC. So, the hell with it, I applied to be a writer for their network of blogs. My application was made with intent to write for a video game blog, to help market my Wii site. I’ll keep everyone posted here as to what kind of reply I get to my sample work and application.

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